If you follow the news about Adobe products or you are in the creative field, you know that Adobe just put a big dent in the updates. Indeed, not CC 2016, but a 2017 CC which allows to enjoy the new features enough sympatic. Here's a link that summarizes the updates in version CC 2017.

Update Adobe CC 2017

Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, first Pro, After Effects, Lightroom… as well as mobile versions take to their rank but for our highest good! I wouldn't come back on every link on the page Adobe France novelty is very well made so no need to redo the work. Note that Adobe XD, which allows prototyping mobile apllication and web pages will soon happen on Windows platform, the Felix project allowing everyone to make 3D without necessarily having any knowledge, sometimes her year-end on MAC and PC. I also invite you to take a ride on the side of the Replay on youtube to see the Sneak Peeks, who will give you an idea of the future of our applications, with Stylit and also VoCo quite stunning!

The Sneak Peeks

There's also Adobe Spark that allows to create content for Social Networks quickly and easily either through Spark Post, that allows to publish the image and the moving picture, Spark that allows to create a web page, a portfolio Page in a jiffy or even Spark Video that allows to create video with ease! Note the head of Adobe Spark is a French, Thibault Imbert, so a big Crow is welcome!

Adobe Spark

This is a very quick summary of the novelties of the 2017 CC version. I also invite you to follow Olivier Huard, Geoffrey Dorne and Mr Cup (Fabien Barral) who were the Adobe France team to cover the event.

Stay tuned for more articles and tutorials are coming!


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